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Dukes Lounge Recap: 8-16-2011

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Aug 16 2011
“He still holds a grudge against the Emperor for taking his seat.”
– Duke
Hey everyone, Duke here from Dukesinferno. It is that time again, time to visit ye ol’ Lounge and get talking about the goings on over there.  Lets just jump right in, shall we?

Just the facts ma’am
– Apparently Forgeworld is giving models away for $0.00! LINK
– The discussion of females in body armor is still going strong. LINK
– Builds’ scuplts are pure win! LINK
– More Ogre kingdoms pics are leaked, and they look sexy (for ogres) LINK

The dirty, dirty details
– Obviously, we know that Forgeworld isn’t giving away free Marauder Destroyers and Bombers, but someone over there must have the “fat finger,” syndrome. As it is now, the cost on both are $0.00 so go buy 100! who says we can’t play Aernautica Imperialis at 40k scale!  Just for kicks and giggles we should all order one and then demand we get it for free.

– In all honesty, I’m surprised I haven’t had to close a thread that involves both Chapterhouse and Female bodies.  Usually those two topics don’t get past two pages, this one is different though, head on over and check out the really cool work that Nick and his crew are doing over at Chapterhouse.  I think that sculpting females presents a particular challenge just because you want to make the difference subtle enough to be noticed and substantial enough that opponents don’t think you guys just ‘look weird.’

– In my opinion, Build is one of those guys that makes the beautiful things he does look easy.  So many times when I have looked at his stuff I think, “I could do that with some practice.”  In all honesty though, this guy is a sculpting genius, I highly suggest checking out his entire thread (Especially the Sister of Battle sculpt.)

– The Ogre Kingdom stuff is leaking out of every pore, and I want more!  I have said a few times that I am not really a Warhammer Fantasy guy, but this stuff makes me want to go and start up an army of really big, fat and pissed/hungry Ogres.

That is all for this week folks,  stay bloodthirsty my friends!


*shameless self plug*
–  As a personal note: I have just posted up the registration and schedule for Feast of Blades, the Convention I run in Denver, CO November 4-6.  I would highly encourage everyone to check out our con and talk to your friends about coming.  It promises to be a down right good time! Check out the 40K OPEN GT.

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