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Duke’s Lounge Recap 8/7/11

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Aug 7 2011
“After getting tabled by him you put the event on your resume.”
– Duke

Hello my friends, how have you been?  Duke here from Dukesinfernolet’s run on over to the Lounge and see what has been going on over there.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the foot-rub while we recap this baby.

Just the Facts Ma’am:
– A new Moderator is added to the ranks of the Custodes LINK
– The Lounge hits 150,000 posts and 15,000 threads… but the cake is a lie.  LINK
– Isotope99 provides us with a Genestealer Cult Pimpmobile sketch.  LINK
– The pending Sisters of Battle Codex causes some 35 pages of waves. LINK
– Once again Machinator proves that we are all children compared to his mad skills LINK
– Smartah brings in the beautiful Clowns. LINK
– Pauljc puts up some ideas (and asks for some) on building back the WFB community LINK
– Eldargal gives us some great pics for the new Orges model range. LINK
– (Shameless self plug) The Finals and Convention for Feast of Blades is announced LINK
The Sleazy details:
Bigred and I have been looking for another Lounge Moderator for some time now, we laid in wait seeing who could handle the rambunctious group of people that are the Loungers.  Well, we are glad to announce that we found him.  Everyone please welcome ‘Immortal,’ as the newest member of the BoLS Lounge team. He is a great guy who is really understands the type of style we run The Lounge with.  
– The Lounge recently just hit a great milestone: 150,000 posts and 15,000 threads!  The title of the thread that covered this topic is titled perfectly: “the little forum that could.”  Head on over there and give us some of your favorite lounge memories. Female Space Marines anyone?
– When Isotope99 posted his idea of making a “Genestealer cult counts as grey knights,” army I thought the internet would explode.  I also thought that nobody should give this idea to Goatboy.  All in all the army was pretty well thought out, and it wasn’t “how can I make purifiers in a genestealer army,” type of feel.  Mostly it was an army of henchmen.  I actually would really like to see how this army turns out.  The best part of it all was his sketch drawing of the ‘genestealer cult pimpmobile.’  I was laughing for about 5 minutes when I saw it.  
– What is there to say about the new sisters codex that hasn’t already been said?  It is making waves everywhere and the Lounge isn’t left out of the storm.  I personally think that the costs of the units is what is really going to make a difference in whether or not the army will be viable. Go on over and check out/comment about the changes in faith. As an opponent I like it, but as a player I don’t.
– Machinator… what ever will we do with you?  Your mad skills make me want to slam this keyboard into my face over and over.  This time he makes us drop our collective jaws on a Mk 1 Landraider. I am going to have to ask for one to put with my custodes project…. drool.
– For the Eldar and Dark Eldar fans out there head on over to the modelling forum and check out some truly beautiful Harliquins.  I really respect anyone who can paint checkers without making them look cartoony or just plain horrible.  This thread almost makes me want to repaint my harlies… almost.
– How do you rebuild Warhammer Fantasy at your local game store?  That is what Pualjc wants to know.  He posted up a few good ideas, mostly consisting of an escalation league.  We all know that 40k dominates Fantasy, but how would you go about building the community in your local game store?  Drop and by and give/take some advice.
– Once again, Eldargal gives us the drop on some sexy new stuff from GW. This time it is the new Ogre Kingdoms models. I am not much of a Fantasy player, but these models are dripping with detail.  The ones I thought were interesting were about half way through.  It almost seems that they would be big enough to be converted into… THUNDERWOLVES.
– (Shameless self plug) Some of you are aware of Feast of Blades and the qualifiers that were (and are being) held across 7 states.  Over 500 players competed for the right to attend the invitational, and recently the Convention for Feast of Blades was announced. It’s filled with Open GTs, Narrative weekend events, demo games, WFB GTs, and Warmachine GTs.  Head on over to learn more about this great event and even visit the feast of blades website here. Thanks everyone and I hope to see you there! (Nov. 4-6 in Denver, CO)
Well folks that is all we have today.  Go over to the lounge, say hey and chill for a while.  Most importantly remember to stay bloodthirsty, my friends.


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