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EA: Warhammer Online Wrath of Heroes Announced

Aug 17 2011

Looks like Electronic Arts is still plugging away at that Warhammer Fantasy license they got.  Here’s the latest:

juicy excerpts:

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes, a free-to-play, player vs. player title for PC.

The game features three team combat up to six players per team, leaderboards and allows players to swap heroes on the fly. A release date was not announced.

“We’re excited to continue to work with BioWare to bring a fresh take on the Warhammer Online experience to existing fans and new players everywhere,” said Andy Jones, Head of Legal and Licensing at Games Workshop PLC.

~We haven’t really seen anything on the Warhammer Fantasy front out of EA (who owns Bioware-Mythic) since the slow quiet fate suffered by Warhammer Online.. More on the Lounge here.

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