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EXCLUSIVE: Warpath Forgefather Hero Mini (Pic)

2 Minute Read
Aug 24 2011

So, everyone’s been waiting to take a look at the minis from the upcoming Sci-fi miniatures game from Manticgames.  Lets take a look at a Forgefather Hero miniature…

On first glance, nice attention to detail, and I really, really like the guns.  They’ve done a good job of putting that concept sketch into three dimensions, and I really like the pose of the figure.  There are a lot of tiny details here and there that give it a subtle sci-fi look without being overt.

You can find out even more about Warpath on BoLS here, and on the Mantic site here.  They have a newsletter you can sign up for also.  You can check out the upcoming Warpath release schedule here.

~So what’s your take on these?  Compare and contrasts are always welcome.  Expect more soon…

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