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Goatboy – Model/Bit Review: Puppetswar Gringo Ork Heads

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Aug 25 2011

Goatboy here again reviewing some bits from the company – Puppets War. I got lucky enough to get ahold of some of the Gringo Ork heads and accessories to review. As usual I will go through the normal hoops of review – Value, Look/Form, and Paintability.

Value – 7 out of 10

For a bit of change you get 10 heads, some guns, and some cool accessories. It is a bit expensive but the quality of the resin as well as the actual sculpt is pretty dang good. I found them to be less springy and “delicate” feeling then Forge World but not as hard as some of the Scibor stuff I have messed with in the past. All in all these are some nice looking heads that fit well on the ork bodies and didn’t need much work to get to sit right. I used the AOBR orks (cuz if you are an ork player you should have a crap ton) and the heads fit on the necks well enough with only the nob needing a bit of work to fit snuggly. I think the regular Nobz would fit a lot better due to having the rounded nub on the chest. And really who doesn’t like TeKILLA bottles to add onto bases and what not. They normally have a flame on the end of it but I took mine off. I do wish we had some bandoliers to add onto the Orks and maybe some mustaches to give it more flavor.

Look/Form – 9 out of 10

These Ork heads look awesome. They have this gaunt look to them that helps them to be different from the normal GW Ork head. I thought the hats were well sculpted with lots of small detailed like line work and other pieces throughout the shape. The teeth and gums are pronounced as well as all the line work showcasing the hard life of an Ork. The revolvers are awesome looking as well as the small old timey bottles. Really there is a ton of detail in all the pieces on this upgrade kit and it makes me want to get ahold of some of the other options at the site for any future models I want to throw down with.

Paintability – 9 out of 10

These bits have very distinct lines in them. This makes it very easy to paint as you can easily follow the grooves and forms on each piece to create different shades. The grooves help the model hold onto any kind of shading wash and make it easy to follow from the darkest crevice up to the highlight. The hats have so much texture that simple heavy brushing is the easy way to paint some of the model parts. The guns themselves are very well detailed too and I found painting them to be a lot of fun.

All in all I think these guys are pretty dang awesome. We have another review of the Red Army Ork heads coming soon so be on the look out for them. I hope to get ahold of some of the other bits on the site and do up some cool dreadnoughts and other neat options. Those close combat arms look very cool and I think I can paint up something neat with them.


  • Goatboy - Model/Bit Review: Puppetswar Gringo Ork Heads