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Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts – Pushing the Fluff Forward

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Aug 28 2011

I was all prepared to talk about the new Sisters codex. I wanted to go over some strategies, tricks, and hopefully some of the gems within the book. Then I read it – lets talk moving the Fluff forward. Yup I want to chat about the reasons to move the story.

When I first started 40k the “threats” were a decaying empire mixed with some alien threats. Chaos was on the rise and the green skins cover planets like some kind of trash talking fungus bent on giving you the itches that only Madden can solve by yelling at it. We had some new threats come along with the Nids as well as some old school evil in the Space Undead. The question I have is that aren’t we tired of the same bad guys?

Now I know there is not a real way to create a whole new enemy but I think there should be some push into rebuilding them. Making the threat a heck of a lot more of a threat. Really this game is about conflict and creating new conflicts is one of the few ways to breathe some life in this game that isn’t just a cheeseball new codex. So the first question is how we can do that?

Create Campaign Books Again.

Look I know some of the campaign books had some rules that were a bit much but I think if there was a complete push to create decent balanced rules without anything obviously broken we could have something really interesting. I liked Codex:Armageddon (it gave us Salamanders and Kult of Speed!) and would love to see some kind of major Ork Rush. Maybe a new Warboss that is more regimental came into being thus you see a lot more interesting set of Ork rules?

How about another Black Crusade with some crazy new Chaos vehicle rules? Or new sub Legions and other options?  I think the Campaign books could be really interesting and breath some now “codex” life into the rule book. What about a full on Tyranid rush that has eaten some Tau and other options that create some rather new mutations? New techno guns or other things would be really cool.

I think this might be a good avenue to explore especially when you build it to not be a “separate” game but rather an edition to the main rule set and army building set that brings the entire playerbase together with a little something for everyone.

New Edition Story Advancement.

Look how long can the Imperium keep going? What if we had a rebellion that isn’t so much Chaos influenced but just pure “this world is crap and we are tired of it”. What about making the world truly about the decay? Or how about we move away from the Imperium and go into the Xenos side of things too?


What do you think – should it still be a Human specific game or more about the encroaching alien taint? The Eldar are dying and the Nids are building bigger and meaner gribblies so I would think a Xenos emphasis would be neat. I know we have heard rumors of the Necrons being awake and this idea of the multi pronged attack on the Imperium from all sides where even Chaos must help humanity.

So those are some thoughts on how we can push it forward as well as breathe some new life in the game. I know we all adore the past with the Heresy (PLEASE MAKE A HERESY CAMPAIGN BOOK!!!) but this game needs to keep moving forward. I mean how many times does Abbadon have to do the 13th Crusade – what about the 14th, 15th, and 19.5th.

The “big” news in 5th was that the Golden Throne has started to fail.  We need a bit more than that next time around. Hit it. What would it take to make you guys re-energized about the 40k fluff? 

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