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Outside the Box 08-15-11

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Aug 15 2011

New week, new Fix! This edition of Outside the Box brings you news from Warlord Games, Pulp City, Mantic Games, Chapterhouse Studio, Spartan GAmes, Antenocitis Workshop and HiTech Miniatures.

New releases for all ranges, just like it should be!
Another big tank has been released for the Bolt Action range this week, the german Jagdpanther:

The Black Powder range got two new characters, the Duke of Cumberland and Bonnie Prince Charlie: 

And finally, mobile artillery for the Imperial Romans!

Spartan Games revealed the Relthoza Apex Class Dreadnought for Firestorm Armada:

I’m sure you have seen the first Forgefather miniature for Warpath, haven’t you?

But Kings of War won’t be neglected, and Mantic Games announced the release of the 2nd edition rulebook:

And additionally, they released the army list for the Twilight Kin (their Dark Elves)

Pulp City revealed their newest villain, Night Fright:

A whole bunch of interesting new weapon designs comes from Chapterhouse Studio 

Beside some interesting street scenerey,  Antenocitis Workshop previewed two new vehicles, a flying car and an antigrav tank:

 Troll Forged Miniatures showed this impressive Alien Behemoth:

And finally, HiTech Miniatures released Bio-Tech Covenant Alpha Corporis ONE, a Gearcult Egzekuthor Squad Leader/Sergeant:

That’s it for this week, and don’t forget, if a weekly fix is not enough, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby! 

Antenocitis Workshop always reminds me of Blade Runner – and their scenery would be awesome fro Infinity, too!
Anyway, the Tabletop Fix has its first anniversary soon, and we have a nice give-away. Maybe you want to check it out…

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