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WFB NEWS: New FAQ – Power Scroll Edition

Aug 9 2011

Hey look, the FAQ writers at Games Workshop have been updating again.  This one is a small but important tweak that a lot of Warhammer Fantasy players have been waiting for…

WFB Main Rulebook v1.5 ~see page 4

Yes, this came out in the latest White Dwarf, but its nice to see the FAQ folks working in lockstep with the print team.  Also, its interesting to see an honest to God errata here, as opposed to a simple typo, or FAQ issue.  It would seem that the torch wielding villagers (you folks) have had some effect on the design studio…

~So, the Power Scroll was one of the biggest gripes coming out of 8th Edition. What are your remaining top 5 list of things to balance the game out?

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