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40K NEWS: Necrons Signs and Portents

Sep 1 2011

So we’ve seen harping for months now that the Necrons are the next codex to be updated.  A sharp eyed bird wanted to pass this little piece of info onto you:

Take a look at the Necron Product Page on the Games Workshop site….

You guys notice anything that has been pulled in the last couple of days that seems odd to you?  Hint – it was made of paper.

November is two short months away… tick tock, tick tock.  You can follow the current Necron rumors here and here’s another one that just showed up:

Pariahs have been replaced by Crypt Guardians which are said to be a retinue option for the HQ ICs (like the Dark eldar Archons get). They are armed with a Warscythe and an Invulnerable Save granting shield.


  • Wargames Gallery 8-30-11