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40K Showcase: A “Strange” Mechanicus Expedition

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Sep 8 2011

Year after year Michael Strange wows us with his total conversion armies.  This year we see a baroque Inquisitorial-Mechanicus force to delight and impress.

Michael’s army follows up from his “Techno-Mechanicus-Tyranids” force that blew off everyone’s socks at WargamesCon 2010.  For 2011 he has put together this force with an antiquated look, that almost looks like a John Blanche painting has lept off the page into blazing three dimensions.

Using the Grey Knight codex, and a giant pile of Warhammer 40000, Warhammer Fantasy Empire kits, and a lot of handcrafted parts he has crafted his latest masterpiece.  And the best part – he painted the entire thing in under one month!

Armylist wise this is a Grey Knights list that is based around Inquisitorial Retinues, so its already an odd bird (that only makes it better).  I just love all the use of wood textures in the army, as well as the funky Mechanicus fluid filled tanks.

This is just the type of “counts-as” the hobby needs more of.

Leave your thoughts, comments, and feedback.  Have at it folks!

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