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40K SHOWCASE- MBG’s Looted Imperial Guard Leafblower

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Sep 14 2011

MBG back again with a showcase of my Orky Looted Guard Army. Recently I had a chance to bust out all the models and get some quality pictures (and video) of the army.

I have no clue why it took so long to record them in a glorious fashion, but hey sometimes things are just worth the wait I suppose.

Here is the overall “motor pool” list of what models can be fielded for the army

In addition to the list below there is also a ton of converted Orks and Grots for the army as well, that help complete the overall “looted” theme.

  • 1 Ninja Grot Company Commander
  • 1 Inquisitor Meepo (grot in power armor w/ psyhic hood)
  • 2 Company Command Squads w/ Lascannon, 2x Plasma Guns, and Chimeras
  • Two Nine Model Veteran Squads w/ Lascannon 2x Meltas, and Chimeras
  • 1 Ten Model Veteran Squad w/ Three Melta Guns, and Chimera
  • 1 Ten Model Veteran Squad w/ Two Plasma Guns
  • 1 Platoon Command Squad w/ 4 Flamers
  • 10 Psyker Battle Squad Models (mix of Night Goblin, and Crypt Ghoul bits), that can be split to form two squads with grot standins, and Chimera.
  • Extra Special Weapon Models (2x Melta Gunners, and 2x Plasma Gunners)
  • 2 Ten Man Guard Platoon Squads
  • Squadron of Three Converted Hydra Flak Tanks, made from reconfigured Ork Trukks, and Phalanx Cannons- Check them out they are pretty sweet.
  • 2 Converted Vendettas (Deff Koptas) with fold-able helicopter props
  • 1 Leman Russ Execuctioner with Plasma Sponsons
  • 2 Manticores- one with magentized missiles, both have rotating turrets.
  • 5 Custom Objective Markers.

So that’s 9 Looted Chimeras, 2 Looted Manticores, 2 Looted Vendettas, 3 Looted Hydras, and 1 Looted Leman Russ Executioner, oh and lots (like one hundred or so) of Imperial “orky” guardsmen plus special weapons (4 Converted Lascannons, 9 Converted Melta guns, 8 converted plasma guns, and 4 flamers).

It all even fits all nice and neat into a Sabol Division’s worth of foam trays.

Checkout the extreme close-ups below!




















Sadly these Orks will no longer Waaaaaaaaaagh for me, as they have a new Warboss to lead them, but they will always be one of my favorite hobby projects. Comments are welcome everybody. 


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