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40K SHOWCASE: The Inquisition by Pär Nordlund

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Sep 22 2011

“The Inquisition – What a Show! The Inquisition – Here We Go!”

A guest column by Pär Nordlund

Every one of us have different reasons for playing Warhammer 40,000. For most of us it isn’t the marvellous rules, as there are many other games out there more capable of writing them. For me, it is the fantastic background, fiction and artwork, that makes this unique universe bloom. I always wanted to make an army that was the epitome of this universe, inspired by the masterful John Blanche.

The Army…

This army in it’s first form was completed in 2008 for one of Swedens largest tournaments. My goal with the army was to make a force with that gothic feel that I have always loved with the Warhammer universe. Necromunda, Mordheim and the art and models by John Blanche is what really emphasize this. Painting-wise I also wanted to show that ”dipping” as a last finishing touch can look really good if the models are painted ”for real” underneath it. Everything in the army is made purely of bits from Games Workshop, greenstuff, and plasticard and every last model is converted.

I started this army when Codex Daemonhunters was released, but before Codex Witch Hunters. The plan was to make an army that could be played as an Inquisitorial force, Imperial Guard or Lost and the Damned. My first model was the Culexus Assassin, finished in early 2004 and more additions have slowly been made ever since, and the army is currently at 3000+ points and will grow more with the new Codex Grey Knights…

The Culexus Assassin is made of an old Dark Eldar, with a head from a Khorne Berserker and a couple of Necron guns…

With the new Codex Sisters of Battle finaly comming out, I was excited to play more with my Witch Hunders, but instead, the new Codex is the last nail in their coffin. Instead my beloved army will be reborn as Grey Knights under the reign of Torquemada Coteaz…

Inquisitor Karamazov, the Throne of Judgement – Completely made of plastic and based on the Imperator Titan for the Epic game system.
Land Raider – The centrepiece of the army based on a shortened Baneblade.

Assassins – Death Cult, Eversor and Culexus

Arco-flagellants – made of Kroot and with Necron+human heads

Storm Troopers
Zealots – To begin with I had no idea how to build these,
but then GW released the Empire Flagellants and solved my problem.

Inducted Guardsmen – Bretonnian Men at Arms with Cadian weapons.

Chimera – All IG -vehicles have parts from both SM and IG.

Leman Russ


Cyclops Demolition Vehicle

Rough Riders – A tribute to Leonardo.

Exorcist – Sisters of Battle holdover unit.

Penitent Engines
Objective Markers are psykers on the run.

The future plans for this army will involve them inducting a force of Imperial Guard and a backup force of Grey Knights. Almost all of the models have a place in one army or the other – it’s a shame I built and painted a full set of nine Penitent Engines though…

An army like this isn’t something you just sit down and build. There is a lot of thought behind it and a lot of discussions back and forth with peers as well. Having a great gaming club and a hobby night every week is a great way to get all of your big projects like this one started. Brain-storming with your fellow gamers is one of the best ways to get a move on and when you finally finish, showing your projects online will get you lot of great feedback to keep you motivated.

As a teaser of what’s to come, here are some other projects born in our gaming club:


My own WIP Dark Eldar Harlequinade

Oskar (bad buddha)’s Diesel Punk Marines

Dark Mechanicus

Johan (Asplund)’s Lovecraftian Tyranids

Pär is a long time gamer and hobbyist, who started in early Warhamemr 40,000 2nd edition and has been going ever since. He enjoys brief detours to smaller skirmish games with better rules but less inspitational universes.

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