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BREAKING! Gamesday UK 2011 (Pics)

Sep 25 2011
THQ Droppod, shot by Sephiroth

Gamesday UK is going on now, and GW is pulling the covers off a some new items.  Lets take a look at the minis…

BoLS Lounge, hit all the pages for them 

Highlights include:
Monstrous Arcana (the upcoming Warhamer Forge book)
Rapier (Forgeworld)
Eldar Shadow Spectres Phoenix Lord (Forgeworld)
Bran Redmaw – Space Wolves character from IA 12 (Forgeworld)
Eldar Phantom Titan Close Combat Weapon (Forgeworld)

It would seem that not a hair of a Necron or anything whatsoever upcoming was in sight as the Design Studio booth was empty of models. The new Games Workshop airtight information policy is in full force, even at thier own biggest marketing event of the year.

The event looks to have been largely carried by the Forgeworld division, and Licencee areas displaying stuff like THQ’s Space Marine – and Dreadfleet.

Sadly, its looking like Gamesdays are becoming the “White Dwarf” of events – oversized, glossy, and ultimately empty and uninspiring.

~Have at it Gang! What a lost opportunity.

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