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Model Review – Red Army Ork Heads by Puppetswar

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Sep 23 2011

Frost here to tell you all about some interesting conversion bits from Puppetswar, the hilarious yet menacing Red Army Ork Heads.

They come 10 to a pack, with 5 different head sculpts. I shall borrow (steal) Goatboy’s Gringo Orks review format to keep things simple.

Look/Form – 9 out of 10
The heads are great; they heap a ton of character onto the model with minimal added effort. Not to say that you couldn’t go crazy with this theme, but I like the basic aesthetic of Orks and this kit allows me to add a lot of flavor while preserving that. The Orks’ faces are expressive, intricate, and widely varied. Be it a determined grimace, a fierce roar, or even a malevolent grin, these heads have no lack of individuality and personality. The faces are completely original, yet also every bit 40k Ork, ensuring they don’t clash when placed amongst their hatless, lesser Ork boyz and other Nobs who have yet to “requisition” one. They integrate seamlessly with any Ork force, assuming you paint them to match the rest. The hats are distinctive and varied, one in a Cossack style, another with muffs, and the other three in the more iconic “ushanka” style, all five featuring a prominent and distinctive star.
Value – 8 out of 10
You get a decent amount of heads for a relatively small price. They fit nicely onto Ork Nobs and require minimal flash/mold line cleaning to prep them for painting. With five different heads, you can do a lot of variations without them getting too repetitive. Even in forces that take dozens of Nobs, they add loads of distinctiveness for a low premium.
Paintability – 9 out of 10
Their deep, highly detailed features make for easy painting. I had no problems with the heads taking or holding paint. I went with the rather ubiquitous faux gray fur look that was fairly common with the hats’ historic counterparts. However, if you have another fur color in mind, these guys will no doubt look great with it.
If you want a Soviet/Russian theme, an ice world theme, or just like funny fur hats, these guys are definitely for you. They are affordable, look awesome, and are a breeze to integrate into your force. While some additional themed conversion bits would be really neat to see in the future, these heads add heaps of uniqueness and flavor without them.
And that’s it! Feel free to ask any questions or share any ideas this kit gives you for an awesome themed force!

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