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EDITORIAL: Can’t We Just All Get Along?

Sep 13 2011

You don’t see it in Warmachine, Fantasy, or any other big wargames.  No game cranks out the foodfights like 40k…

We REALLY, REALLY, REALLY try to keep out of the Celebrity Drama reporting,but this week we have some type of wargaming harmonic convergance….  Its almost like Brent’s column was prescient.

You’ve been warned…

Its got all of it. Allegations of slow play, he said – she said, and a lot of good old timey thumping the table.

~So why is it that Warhammer 40000 in particular spawns this stuff – at seemingly every major event this year? More importantly how do we focus more on playing and fun, and less on Prima Donnas? I need to go buy a popcorn machine and a chess clock…

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