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Forgeworld Can Trailblaze on Heresy Products!

Sep 26 2011

Buried deep in one of our intrepid GamesDay UK attendees reports was this news nugget.  You’re gonna love this:

Via the BoLS Lounge’s Fantomex

Having had a chat to a few FW designers and gone to a couple of design seminars, I asked many questions, and the following is what I remember:

GW are ok with the FW team doing a proper Pre-Heresy set of books, and apparently the more positive feedback given about the current armours and dreadnoughts, the more likely this would come out sooner rather than later.

It was spoken of by the FW guys as more of a foregone conclusion than an uncertainty. I figure they know what a huge seller it would be..

Primarchs were mentioned (and brought up by the designers, not me..), but not necessarily to be modeled, more likely books would deal with Astartes and the varied Crusade Fleets.

FW will end up making more Pre-Heresy items, including more vehicles & Terminator Armours.

~I’ll let you discuss this amongst yourselves…  I need to go take out a “home” loan.


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