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Outside the Box 09-09-11

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Sep 8 2011

Without any excuses why I’m late again, the newest almost weekly update! This week with Warlord Games, Scibor Miniatures, Studio McVey, Wargames Factory, Mantic Games, Bane Legion, HiTech Miniaturs and Lead Adventure.

As always, a good mix from these guys: Sherman Firefly for the Bolt Action range, Celtic Linebreakers for Hail Caesar and napoleonic russian infantry for Blackpowder:

Three new miniatures from Maelstrom Games: Quick-Blade, the Under-Vermin Kin-Caller, Meloda, The Warrior Queen of Mercia and this abomination, Conjunct XIII:

Have a look at the scale in the corner!

New T.H.I. Utility Carapaces for the Firebrand faction of Sedition Wars:

Wargames Factory published some pictures of assembled Shocktrooper Heavy Weapons, and I guess these will spark some controversy:

Despite doing a terrible job in promoting Warpath (where are the pictures???) they at least announce the name of the Starter Set (Fate of the Forge Star) and previewed the new stat format for the 2nd edition of Kings of War, now including Nerves:

Scibor Miniatures released a couple of new miniatures including this Chaos Master:

And because I know you like the Gear Cult, here is Alpha Corporis SEVEN, a standard bearer for the Gearcult Egzekuthor Squad from HiTech Miniatures

Finally, Lead Adventure released a new wave of post-apocalyptic miniatures: 

That’s it for this week, and don’t forget, if a weekly fix is not enough, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby! 

If I’m late again next week it’s because I’m playing Space Marine 🙂
Beside that, Sedition Wars will be the next game I’ll pick up. Sorry Mantic, but as long as you don’t start showing a lot more pictures, I have no interest in Warpath anymore.

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