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40K Deep Thoughts: Necron Design

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Oct 14 2011

Why run a tactics article on a morning like this when we all have one thing on our minds, the Necron pics that broke out like wildfire all over the tubes yesterday.  Here’s our initial thoughts.

First off, lets take a good look at the pics.

The Necron Units
We saw the following:

Necron Ghost Ark
Necron Doomsday Ark

Necron Deathmarks

Necron Overlord
Imotekh the Stormlord
Trazzyn the Immortal

Barge Command
Barge Support

Necron Immortals

Necron Lychguard
Necron Triarch Praetorians

Design Aesthetics
Lets take these in sets.


First off it would seem the Ark kits are probably a dual kit as we’ve seen out of GW these days.  While the design seeems utterly alien, it is based fairly closely on the original Jes Goodwin Necron Vehicle design sketches that have been floating around for years.  We have what is now the evolution of Necron design Aesthetic.  We also get the packed up Warriors in the Ghost Ark as almost an homage to the Trade Federation Drone Carriers from the Star Wars franchise.

The pure geometric design of the monolith, has now been superceded by the hard edged skeletal motif that this new range is presenting us with.  We see this on both the Ark kits and the Barge kits, along with the Necron infantry themselves.

This combined with the flying bases gives the range a kind of halfway house feel between the Dark Eldar and the old Necron kits.

Next up,  lets look at the new infantry.  Here we see a strange spread of technology from the Triarch/Lychguard/Lords which seem to be transposed almost verbatim from parallel Tomb King units from Warhammer Fantasy, to the nice new beefier Immortals, to the strangely unexpected Deathmarks.  When it comes to Necron hyper technology, things like Gauss Weapons, Warscythes and Staffs of Light seem to fit right in – a long barreled sniper rifle (with a scope!) seems slightly out of place.

Next up lets take a look at the two Barge vehicles (possibly another combo kit).  These seem to be smaller cousins of the Ark kits and share their skeletal design cues, while also having the odd combination of hyper advanced propulsion and design cues meshed with seemingly incongruent cues such as the pair of necron drivers busily hammering away at old fashioned controls and levers.

Finally, lets all say goodbye to the old green plastic rods which are nowhere to be seen.  Adios muchachos, we hardly knew you!

Well, for months we have been hearing that the Necrons were the “Tomb Kings of space“.  It looks like that was pretty close to the mark.  What we have here is an expansion of the original Necron line into the more fanciful vehicle designs from a decade ago, that were probably not easily produced at the time.  The evil robots in space have gone in seemingly two directions at one, with further exotic Egyptian themes mixed in with some traditional 20th century weapons and gunner designs thrown in for good measure. 


Is the range as good as the Dark Eldar – no.  Is it as dull as yet another set of marine upgrade sprues – no.  In the final balance, its something we haven’t seen on the tabletop.  We may have to let the rules guide us on this one…

Your thoughts ladies and gentlemen?

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