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40K HOBBY: Kit bashing Chaos Renegades

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Oct 20 2011

As some of you may or may not know I am an avid chaos renegade militia fan.  I love the idea of a ragged bunch of daemonic worshipping lunatics trying to over throw the mighty Empire with their run down equipment and poor supplies.

So recently out of sheer boredom I started cobbling together some various infantry for my every growing army.  I’ve got loads of guys but thought I need some snipers.  These guys are built from a combination of Warhammer Empire Free Company torsos, Catachan legs, Kroot guns, Flagellant heads and misc other bits.

These next guys are meant to be either veterans or possible storm troopers.  The have a heavy armored torso from Maxmini and some nice looking gas mask heads from Victoria.  The arms are from Forge World and the legs, are of course, Cadians.  I may swap out the arms for some Elysian arms to make them into storm roopers.

This next batch I’m not really sure what I will do with them, possibly a penal legion.  They are a mix of Catachan legs, Kromlech torsos, Maxmini heads, arms are from Forge world, Cadians, Catachan and flagellants.

These last two are one offs I built for no particular purpose.  The sniper has a Maxmini sniper rifle which I think looks great.  The other fellow will likely be the leader of the Penal legion squad.  He’s got a nice zombie looking face to give you the feeling that underneath their masks their flesh is rotting and disfigured.  He’s got Enforcer arms from Forge World.

Lastly is a fellow I convertd quite a while ago to be a verteran Sgt. for one of my renegade platoon units.  A very simply conversion but I think it has a nice feel to it.

I hope this give you some ideas and/or inspiration on what can be achieved by kit bashing various GW kits with other manufacturers out there.  There is a wide range of items to choose from and can make some great looking figures.


So get out there and start building!

Questions and comments appreciated.

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