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Forgeworld: Proteus Land Raider and Contemptor Options

Oct 21 2011

The Land Raider Proteus arrives (with rules) and the Contemptor Dreadnought line expands.

Land Raider Proteus
and rules  ~seriously, read these NOW

New Contemptor Options
-Relic Body
-Multimelta Arm
-Claw CCW Arm

Now that’s an interesting take on a Land Raider.  Super pricy in real world money. Ruleswise I think for the same points cost it’s fairly well balanced versus the standard LR.  Little things like the Blood Angel Deep Strike exemption are proof that Forgeworld is getting sharper about the implications of their rules on all existing codices.  Its also a very good choice with new tactical abilities for CSM lists.

~I’ll have more big picture stuff to say on Forgeworld’s offerings next week. Have at it.

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