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Goatboys 40k Shtuff – Necrons, Necrons, Necrons

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Oct 23 2011

Yup who would have thought I would be talking about Necrons eh? After a summer of rather boring tactica (Grey Knights, FU Grey Knights, More Grey Knights) and lackluster news it is finally time we get another new book to cause people to cry broken, fail, or whatever new thing we decide to call something now.

So without further ado a little blurb on some of the neat stuff I have read from all the rumors, leaks, and spurts.

The Necron Good

1. New Fluff and a new change in direction.

I know there are a lot of people crying foul about the change in the fluff. Moving away from the old school legion of undead robots, the new fluff “fleshes” out these old robots of doom. I am all for it as really we only need one “single minded” race out there. The Tyranids fit that mold and it is nice to get a new race to play with. The interesting thing is that this new race isn’t nearly as single shade of black. So I am all for new fluff and info. I just hope we don’t have a crazy super special character that is somehow Superman and Batman rolled into one.

2. New non-marine models to paint.

I got a Dark Eldar up on the block to paint for a client and a crap ton of Mordhiem to do. I know I am a Marine nut but it is nice that I might have something neat to paint up. Even though the models are mostly metal I feel I can try to experiment with some cool rust/damage designs that I can concentrate on with a very simple canvas. Also silver and gold works well together.

3. The new rules are pointing to a Dark Eldar style army build instead of the rather flat Grey Knights.

The choices in the book seem rather varied from all the rumors so I hope the book is more like the Dark Eldar instead of the Grey Knights with a rather simple build out. I just hope all the choices are decent enough and the armies are fairly varied. For every douche of Venoms you see other Dark Elder lists that cover the full range of the codex. So here is hoping to lots of cool options and crap ton of neat rules.


4. New Big Monster Kit Sounds Awesome.

I love big monster kits. These big models are fun to paint and usually give a plethora of neat bits, parts, and other nonsense fit for conversions. It sucks that we still haven’t seen the Scorpion model yet but hey I can always hope. The vehicles also look neat with less of the normal GW box with wheels/wings look we normally see. So I am all for a design shift that is less normal and really pushes how much father ahead they are from the competition.

5. First True All-plastic Army Release.

I know we have had issues with Finecast but this is the first army that is truly plastic. We all know how much I hate metal models that break and lose their straight edges. So it is awesome we finally get only plastic options.

My Necron Worries

1. Crazy HQ’s and options.

The rumors point to some nutty HQ options. Mix that with some crazy special rules my homeboy Matt Ward most likely wrote up and we might have another few months of “$%$$ those Grenades!!!”. I am sure everything will be alright with just some crazy stuff to liven up the game but I don’t want to have another 4 months of the same tactica over and over again.


2. Very Limited Troop Choices

The rumors point to just Warriors and Immortals as the only troop options allowed in the book. There is supposedly one unlock option but will see if that’s true as the option isn’t all that interesting (Flayed Ones – or as I like to call them – Scarf Wearing Hipster Robots). I just hope both choices are good enough to let you try different things. I just worry the Immortals just might be what you always see.

3. Worried About the Lack of Some Models on Release

I don’t want another Tervigon/Tyrannofex/Harpy fiasco. I want models because without all options available it makes creating interesting armies a lot harder. So I hope we see “Wave 2” in 3 to 4 months instead of well – never.

4. I Don’t Want This to be How We Get Introduced to Armies in the Future

I don’t know about you, but this whole – not releasing info to create any kind of excitement is kind of BS. Look the only way to get people to buy product when it is released is to make sure we know about it. The only guaranteed purchase is the codex as we all wait and see what kind of nonsense we can create. Sure we got lucky that we saw some pictures before the army came out. So GW please change this. It doesn’t help.

~So all in all I am excited and hopefully I can paint a few things. And no, no Goatcrons I swear. Or maybe Cron Goats. Or Goaticus Prime. What are you guys excited about?

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