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Hobby Basics- Chipped Paint, the Bare Metal Effect

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Oct 9 2011

MBG here with another hopefully helpful hobby article.  Seems I got a ton of response lately about the Looted Guard. Everyone seems to want to know how I did the chipped paint, on all the tanks.

Guess I’ve procrastinated long enough right? Time to get an article together on it.

So without any further fuss or muss, here’s your how to article on the Chipped Paint Effect!

To start out I just painted my tank silver and gave it a watered down wash of Devil Mud. This forms the base for the paint to go over, and get “chipped off”.  The chipped effect itself is actually two different techniques used together; stippled paint, and masking fluid.


First off I just used the “Incredible Nib” to apply the masking fluid to areas that would naturally see high wear, either from the elements or from the crew (see “splotchy paint” areas in red above, those actually have masking fluid underneath)

I applied it in both long jagged lines along armor plates, and in random spikey blobs on the body as well, as shown in red.  The important thing here is that it should look jagged and rough, not rounded or in a predictable “man-made” pattern.

After that dried I began to stipple GW Mordian Blue over the tank, making sure to not get into recessed details like cracks and such. It’s good to leave a decent amount of metal showing in random areas as well that you didn’t mask because it helps break up the colors a bit.  As you can see I used a tore up large flat drybrush for this, and it worked great helping to add to the messy look as well.

Next I highlighted the Mordian blue with enchanted blue, making sure to only hit the higher raised areas of the tank that would be lighter whatever imaginary source of light there would happen to be.  I used a smaller tore up flat drybrush for this as well, taking care not to cover any metal I left exposed from the base stipple.


After that I hit just the very tops of the last highlight with a mix of Enchanted and Lightning blue, to bring it on home.  I kept this mix a little heavy on the Lightning Blue as I figured the darker blues underneath would soak it up a bit.

Okay so after all the coats of blue are dry, it’s time to have some fun. I grabbed my trusty pickup eraser, and went to town cleaning off the slightly gummy masking fluid from the tank.

Once that comes up, the “bare metal” underneath is revealed leaving a chipped look to the blue paint around it.

As you can see it accents the stippled paint as well, seamlessly blending together to look worn.

Tank with stippling and masking effect 


Tank with just stippling

So that’s pretty much it. From here you can detail out the tank, or if you need to add Orky Style Warpaint to complete the “looted” look.

Hope this helps! Email or comment if you have any questions!


  • Wargames Gallery 10-06-11