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Planet of Misfit Toys Campaign Mission Two: Fire From the Skies

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Oct 21 2011
   Hey Y’all! CrazyRedPraetorian with another mission for the Planet of Misfit Toys. I know the 1st mission was just published earlier this week but with the impending release of the new Necron Codex there’s no time to waste.

 Remember anyone can submit a battle report and we will publish the best ones! So, be sure to send them in or post them on the Lounge 40k Batrep forum.
The Planet of Misfit Toys
Week Two: 2000 Pt’s
The Story so far, the Tau in their quest to expand their empire have discovered a planet at the edge of Imperial Territory.The planet is designated Nor Pol III. The Tau see this as a chance to establish a launching point into Imperial Territory. They see this planet as a crucial resource in expanding their civilization. After all it is for the greater good. The building of the settlements are almost complete when the construction crews dig up some ruins. In their haste to build, the Tau have awakened the Necrons from their slumber. A battle breaks out instantly and spreads across the various settlements. Both sides are in a desperate battle, the need for data on the enemy is equally important for both sides.
  After the the initial recon both sides of the conflict have information on their enemy. The Tau forces have discovered location of the Necron command post and they mass their forces to destroy the Necrons before all of their forces are awakened. The Necrons mass their troops to defend their HQ. Just before the battle commences, huge blinding beams of green energy shoot into the sky, followed by the flickering explosions of the Tau support fleet that was in orbit above the battlefield. The Tau have just lost their orbital support and their only way off of the planet. Let the battle begin….

Deployment: Spearhead : 0# $#!+ Space Debris!!! Roll a D6 for every unit, on a 1 that unit has been hit by space debris, the unit takes D3 S10 AP- hits. Vehicles and units killed/routed by space debris count for Victory Points and Bonus Points.
 Primary Objective: Hold the Center! Place one objective in the center of the table. Any scoring unit holding this objective uncontested for a full turn scores 3pts per full turn held.
Secondary Objective: Capture and Control. Capture the enemies HQ 5pts.
Tertiary Objective: Victory Points. 1pt for every 500pts you kill. 
+1 Bonus Point: If all enemy Heavy Support are destroyed.
  I hope everyone enjoys the mission and I for one am really looking forward to seeing some battle reports from the community. I am going to try to borrow a Necron force if I can pry them out of my son’s hands and get a battle report done. I know BigRed, and Darkwynn Duck have Tau and Bushido has a Necron force. So, I hope to get some BoLS Batreps up, as well.

  Well, break out those Tau and Necron armies and fighting for the Planet of Misfit Toys!!! Y’all have fun!
Now Go Roll Some Dice!!!

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