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40k Hobby: Deathwatch – the Space Marine All-Stars

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Nov 2 2011

MBG back again with a little conversionary? treat (if that’s a word, lol).

It’s an oldie but a goodie, which I have a sweet spot for. Check out this converted and painted Deathwatch Squad, by Beef (hold the cheddar).

For me there was always something cool about the Deathwatch guys. When their bits came out back in the day, their bolters just looked awesome and game play wise their weapons were great. A Heavy Bolter that can shoot multiple types of rounds, yes please!

In fifth edition though, we have to use them as Sternguard vets, but hey at least we have some rules still for them right?
Beef whipped up these guys for the contest Armorcast ran, and I think they turned out awesome.


To make them he used a mix of different kits for each model, and finished them off with the Deathwatch bits themselves. This definitely gave them a separate, but cohesive theme overall the the squad.  I always thought of the Deathwatch as “Space Marine All Stars”, and thought it would be fun to do a whole army up like that.  Maybe next year, lol?

So lets take a look at these figures shall we?

Here is the Space Wolf member of the squad. If I was making a team, I’d always want a crazy “berzerker” guy with a claw on my side for sure.

Beef used a Space Wolf Lightning Claw and Shoulder Pad to set this guy apart from his team-mates.

Keeping with the overall theme he added the Chaos Spikey Head, Grey Knights front torso, and Deathwatch bolter and pad to complete the model.


The next figure is a proud and honorable Ultramarine, whom apparently prefers/excels in bladed close combat.

Note the under-slung bolter, and commander/ captain front torso. Both that bit, the Ultramarine Shoulder pad, and one of the swords are from the Space Marine Commander box set.

The mysterious Dark Angels member’s bits include a Dark Angels torso, power fist and shoulder pad.

These bits easily make him stand out from the rest of the squad, but still seem cohesive enough to not detract from the deathwatch theme.


Next up is the Blood Angels model. Beef used Death Company Legs, and an Angel Pad from the same kit. The sword is from the Space Marine Commander box.

He seems to be at home in his new black armor, hmm…..


I guess its okay cause he has the Inquisition symbol on his tabard right?


Last but not least is the squad leader, a Librarian from the Ravenguardchapter.

Beef used a ton of bits here, most notably the full front and back of the Grey Knights torso (for the Psyhic hood).  He also added the Grey Knights Halberd for the force weapon, and a servo skull from the devastators box.

Now you may have been noticing the skull bits on the lower left greaves of all the models, and wondering where those came from.  Those are shavings of skulls from other bits, meticulously glued on one by one.

Details like these are easily duplicated with a small squish mold like I did for my fists. It just takes some time for them to dry, that’s all.

So that’s the squad. I think Beef did a great job on them! I love seeing an “oldie” made new again!

What other old units are out there do you think, just waiting to be remade? -MBG


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