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40K: Necron Triple Lindy & Canoptek Madness

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Nov 11 2011

I had the chance to read the new codex and one thing that quickly struck me is that you can run three squads of Immortals with Veil of Destruction and the Resurrection Orb…

It’s a bit tricksy to put these units together and I show below how to do so. There are some new goodies in the codex and several nasty tricks that give these units a bit more oomph.

– HQ –
Necron Overlord: Phaeron, warscythe, res orb, tachyon arrow, phase shifter, weave (240) {H1}
Nemesor Zahdrekh (180) {H2}
Vargard Obyron (160) {H3}

1st Royal Court
Necron Lord: warscythe, res orb (75) {H4}
Cryptek – Harbinger of Despair: veil of darkness (55) {H5}

2nd Royal Court
Cryptek – Harbinger of Despair: veil of darkness (55) {H6}

– Troops –
10x Immortal: tesla carbines (170) {T1}
10x Immortal: gauss blasters (170) {T2}
10x Immortal: gauss blasters (170) {T3}

The units above are paired up as follows:

H1 + H5 + T2 (Relentless)
H2 + H6 + T3
H3 + H4 + T1

All their combined units have Veil of Darkness and the Res Orb plus the first unit is relentless as well. Vargard’s Ghostwalk Mantle is a bit like Veil on Crack as you can pull back to the Nemesor and not scatter. If you remember how nasty one squad of Immortals teleporting was,  this is three times the pain. There is a lot of mobility here and should prove most interesting. The Nemesor can buff a squad with Tank Hunter making those Tesla carbines S6 and better able to crack light armor. We are talking about highly resilient units that are very mobile and can lay down a lot of suppressing firepower.

Maybe only two of these squads are enough. I have found that one of the great things about the new Necron codex is you have lots of points left over to take some other really neat units…


Such as the Canoptek units – these do not have Reanimation Protocol but in my opinion they are some of the best units in the codex. Everyone seems to know now what the potential is for Scarabs versus mech and using Spiders to boost their swarms. The new Wraith is a big improvement in my opinion with two wounds and the ability to make them into complex units. Here is what I am currently planning to run to back up the above units:

– Fast Attack –
5x Canoptek Wraith: whip coils, 2x particle caster (235)

10x Canoptek Scarab (150)

– Heavy Support –
3x Canoptek Spyder (150)

 Like I said the Wraiths are really good this time, even better than before… They can work well versus mech in conjunction with the Scarabs… for example suppose the Nemesor buffs the Scarabs with furious charge so they strike first versus armor inflicting damage via Entropic Strike then the Wraiths cut right them like tin foil – this tactic came from another club member of 40kWC.

What I have presented here is the core. There are still 260 points to play with at 2k points… which is the level I tend to play. What else would work well in this list ?

~So have at it folks  Do you think the list has what it takes to deal with mech and lay down enough fire to deal with anything else?


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