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40K Open Thread: Categorize the Armies

Nov 8 2011

Lets try a little thought experiment.  Every army wants to be distinctive, but is the game becoming too cramped for that any more?

What I want you to do is try to pick a particular army, and boil it down into its absolute core values based on the following values:

Shooting: Strong Med Weak
Range: Long Med Short

Skill: High Med Low

Assault: Strong Med Weak

Skill: High Med Low

Movement: Fast Med Slow

Durability: Tough Med Weak

Misc: Psychic


Example : Tau

Shooting: Strong
Range: Long
Skill: Med

Assault: Weak
Skill: Low

Movement: Med

Durability: Med

Then take a look at the armies out there and ask yourself: is there room for entirely new concepts for new armies at all, that aren’t just the same core concepts as existing armies with new minis to represent them? Do armies like the Eldar and the Chaos Marines even have room to be truly distinctive anymore?

~Have at it.


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