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40K RUMORS: 6th Edition FOC Changes

Nov 21 2011

Well, it must be rumor season, because they are coming hot and  heavy now…  Lets see what the latest on the Force Org Chart is.

via secondspheres’ awesomely named The Man They Call Jayne

1) 6th ed boxset is set to be Eldar Vs CSMs, as they will be the among the first 6th ed codexes.

2) Eldar will be first, then Tau or CSMs

3) Force org in 6th is undergoing a fairly interesting change. Slots will be as they are, but you can sacrifice 2 FOC slots to gain an extra one somewhere else. you can drop 2 fasts and get an extra heavy. Or a heavy and a fast and get an elite. Only thing you cant get is extra HQs i think. ~He later states this appears to be a one time thing, (you can’t trade in 4 slots to gain 2 new ones of your choice).

So some general notes of where we are.  Yet again, more confirmation that 6th is coming.  On the upcoming codex front we now have reputable and reliable sources swearing up and down that the next codex will positively be :Black Templars, – or Tau, – or Eldar. Hmm the waters are fairly muddied on that one.

~Have fun with that FOC one.  So who would be the biggest gainers with that one?

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