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40K RUMORS: Chaos Legions Latest

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Nov 12 2011

You just cant keep a good rumor down.  Here the latest word on the Traitor Legionnaires…

via Warseer’s ghost21

-i really really shouldnt but, ive only seen a dreadnaught of the two mentioned (regarding a previous report of new plastic Chaos Dread and Raptors)

-To quickly add. will lesser chaos gods feture. yes n all of the fallen legions will be there

-saw preliminary types for khonate chrono gladiators… and a really bizarre night lord assassin type thing…

-oh im sure if people want a new abaddon.. i saw one but really it isnt much…

-little horus on the other hand… now there’s a wow figure

-there was a little heated discussion weather alpha legion should be in this or the traitors dex… there in the legion dex


-the new abaddon as really it just seems bigger n bulkier, like somebody 3d scanned it n made him larger

-the minor chaos gods are already named, its like marks though, no daemons

-i did see a dark mechanicus guy… not sure if he will make it though, a very creepy sculpt based on a john Blanche piece

-this is really something to be taken with a grain of salt there may may be a 30k boxed set at some point, containing one of each of the legions

-oh one last thing its ward 

~We are WAY, WAY off on this codex said to accompany 6th next summer so lots of salt with this one folks..  Let the wailing and lamentation begin in 3, 2, 1…..


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