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Goatboy 40k – The Circle will be Complete!

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Nov 6 2011

Goatboy here again – chatting about 40k as usual. Today I want to talk about completing my Warhammer 40k Circle – Chaos Legions.

That circle is the rumored codex that deals with my favorite batch of models – Chaos Legions. I know it is early as we have just started to hear some tidbits from our usual sources so today I just want to start building a wish list for this much desired book.

First of all I really want a decent Chaos book. Hell I would really just want a Chaos book with more stuff to pick from. Even if it wasn’t the best book in the world I just want more things. That is really what I desire. All of the new books right up to Necrons are starting to have the funky stuff we all loved from 2nd edition and I can only hope Chaos has some of that yum yum stuff in it. The rumors are pointing to a true Legion book which just gets me excited with what I hope is a crap ton of future options. So let’s start with the wish listing.

1. True Legion Builds!

I know the rumors say Chaos Legions will be the old 10000 year old veterans, and I really push for that, instead of mixing them with the mere renegades. But I just hope this book covers all the Legions. I want each Legion to feel different. I want the force orgs to represent what you might see if your planet of beat farmers is getting attacked by the Word Bearers and their terrible poetry. I also hope the Legion builds are not limited to you taking a Special Character to create the army. This way we can start to create our own “heroes” to lead our gibbering masses of chaotically mutated Marines and other giblets.

2. Actual Options!

I want to see some of the old wargear back. I remember my Axe of Khorne and hitting for 10+ times in combat. I missed the weird technology they had and the other forgotten options. I want the Reaper Autocannon to be bad ass again. I want a playable Contemptor Dreadnought – cause the Legions would have them! I want all the weird guns to actually be good instead of just washed Marine options that are not nearly as neat. Why can’t Chaos put a gun on a Rhino? Dreadclaws sound cool and I don’t think Marines would forget about drop podding in. Chaos is all about gifts so where are my cool upgrades and gifts for my Champions? Why is the sky Blue Gawd Damnit!

3. Daemons and Marines Playing Together!

Look these guys worship these foul powers so it would make sense they could get some of their Daemon friends to come kick some butt for them. Instead we have some kinda bunk “warp daemons” that are both bland and kind of ineffective. I do know that coming off an icon and getting to assault with some Blood Letters would be a bit too good but still can’t you see Chaos Marines getting some love? Really I want this whole idea of on the edge of damnation sort of army. The weird old tech as well as the touch of chaos on the army.

4. I want Chaos Feared Again!


I just want the book to be something scary to face again. I want even Grey Knights worried they might come up against this Chaos Legions list that is ready to confirm they were right and the Emperor was wrong. I have so many Counts As armies that I really just want them to be Chaos armies again. Or Chaos Goats.

This Legion book I feel is a no brainer for GW. We all have Chaos armies and the whole idea of the Traitor Legions is something most of us in the Hobby just love. I know I will look at expanding all my Chaos or Counts as Chaos factions into new builds. I just hope these new rules will actually be decent instead of feeling rather limited like the current codex is. I doubt this book will be as good as the old one as that awesome book is just a bit too good but I still feel it will have a similar feel as some of the latests books with interesting options and neat rules. The rumor mill points to Phil writing it up and I can just hope he does get his hands on it as his last two books are both interesting and powerful.

What are you hoping for in the rumored book? Oh, and DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!

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