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Goatboys Model Review – Mantic’s Marauder’s

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Nov 3 2011

Hi there – Goatboy again doing another review of Mantic’s newest kit for the upcoming Warpath Orx Marauders.

As you know I go over a model based on its Value, Look/Form, and Paintability. I rate them 1-10 based on my thoughts on the model itself. Now to get this out of the way – I do like how the Marauders look from Mantic. So with that in mind, let’s look at this kit.

I got my hands on the command sprue as well as the basic unit sprue. Both are based off the Fantasy models. I am not the biggest fan of that as I wished for more options overall in the kit, but it is understandable when starting out with a game to go with something that has proven to work and can allow for a quicker process to getting the model to the table top.

I saw this posted in my last review and thought – hell that is pretty funny and went ahead and grabbed it.

Rating Review Chart:

1 = a turd
2 = nagash
3 = lego men
4 = those green army men
5 = rogue trader era/ebay dodgy knock offs
6 = meh
7 = average
8 = check it out
9 = worth having
10 = I’m a fanboy

If the model is hitting below 6’s I won’t review it. I don’t think it is worth my time to paint as well as write up some information on. So with that in mind let’s begin.

Value – 7 out of 10

I wish we had more options available in the kit. I know the game is simpler in a lot of ways to 40k so having the crap ton of options on a sprue is not needed. Still I wish we had more things. Swords, cool arms, maybe a back pack or two and probably a small little nonsense thing to add to a base. All of these things would add more to the value. At the base level it is still a fairly inexpensive option for filling out an army of Space Junk monsters.


Look/Form – 7 out of 10

I like the way the models look. I don’t like the monkey Orks we see most other places and find a humanoid style design to be fitting to the idea for the game. Yes they need to be brutes but some actual reality in the design form can be a big help with making the model look like it could actual move and punch you. Plus the hulking aspects of layers upon layers of leather, metal, and other bits is a really neat aspect. I just wish we had more posing options that were dynamic and popped off the base.

Paintability – 8 out of 10

These models are covered in layers of detail. Each piece of clothing looks like it is on top of a correct form, and gives that bulked up nature of the army. I also like how there are tiny little pieces that make the model look cobbled together like a scavenger should look like. Hell if you wanted to do a mad max style little gang this are the models that fit. Mutant gangers kicking some ass and trying to take you to their “special” pit really fits these model designs.

Final Thoughts
All in all I like the kit just want to see more from Mantic. More bits on the sprue, some more dynamic poses and other options. I hope to get my hooves onto some of the “hero” models from the game. The big Orx Marauder looks pretty awesome and I think that will be a fun one to paint up.

-Goat out


  • Wargames Gallery 9-01-11