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40K Hobby: Forge World Blight Drone

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Dec 1 2011

A Daemon manifesting as a machine, these formidable daemon engines of the Plague God poison and corrupt the battlefield. Complete resin kit.  Here’s my take on one…

I have absolutely loved the Vraks campaign books and have a massive Chaos Renegade army to show for it.  One of my favorite models from the series is the dreaded Blight Drone.  I had a blast painting it.

I made extensive use of pigments to do the rust effects on the rotted carapace.  If there is interest I can try to write up an article on weathering.  You can also check out these three classics on painting rusty vehicles, rotten flesh, and sickly skin.

For the flesh I tried to make it very sore and swollen looking and highlight pustules.  I thought about doing a fancy mount for it but haven’t done it yet.  I may still go back and do it.

Anyway, I just thought some people might enjoy seeing another take on the Blight drone. Sometimes you just have to show off your latest creation!

Thanks for looking.

Questions, Comments?  What do you think?

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