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BREAKING: Flames of War 3rd Edition Announced

Dec 22 2011

Battlefront just pulled the covers of of the highly rumored 3rd Edition of Flames of War.  Check out all the details here:

First off, bravo Battlefront for that hat-trick of unveiling a complete new edition with a flourish of the hand.  Well done guys.  Secondly, a HUGE BRAVO for continuing Battlefront’s tradition of ringing in a new edition with their “get a free mini-rulebook” for all owners of the hardback current edition, during the waiting period for the 3rd Edition hardback to arrive on store shelves.

That is exactly the kind of customer friendly and market-savvy move that we would like to see more of out there in the industry.  More on this new edition as we get it.

~Enjoy the video, and here’s to a hoping for a great new edition of Flames of War.

PS, if any of your Flames of War ringers are game, we are looking for new FoW tactics and hobby contributors.  Send your qualifications and basic background to our email address.


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