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CONTEST: Deck the Halls with Swords & Bolters- Miniature Contest

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Dec 12 2011

That’s right, hot on the heals of our fun and exciting TanksGiving conversion contest, Spikey Bits brings you the Deck the halls with Swords and Bolters Holiday Contest!!!!!

Calm down, I know you are super excited and are having your minds blown right now, whatever does this mean do you ask? Well here are the rules and regulations for this contest, lol.

First things first the basics of what the contest is all about…

We’re looking for some quality designing / converting up of any miniature into a┬áChristmas┬áthemed tree ornament. The most important rule for this contest is that the conversion MUST be able to hang from a tree, you can implement this into the design of your model any way you like, but it MUST be able to hang from the tree.

Next the model can be from any miniature line, Warhammer, 40k, Infinity, Helldorado, etc… as long as you can buy it in the online store it can be submitted You don’t have to purchase the item from us- although it would be nice if you did. ­čśÇ

So the theme of the miniature must be Christmas of course. You can choose to do this by modeling it into some sort of Christmas them character, painting it Christmas colors, whatever you like but the better it fits the theme the better off you will be. What are you going to be judged on and who will be the judges you ask? The judges will be us. Yup that is it.

What will we be looking for, well paiting, modeling, conversions, overall theme and aesthetic. IT ALL plays into my decision this time around, so be warned it is NOT just a painting contest, and is NOT just a conversion contest.


Now why would we ask you to go through all of this trouble, your hard earned dollars spent, you precious time, all that blood, sweat, tears and whatever other bodily fluid you might choose to hobby with being poured into this contest… well for nothing less then awesome ┬áChristmas┬áprizes… Now, now, ladies and gentlemen I know what your are thinking that it won’t be worth it.


Well if a brand new Space Marine Stormraven Kit to the 1st place winner isn’t enough to get your creative juices flowing then well, you got us. There will be minor 2nd and 3rd place prizes going out also, whatever my tiny pockets can handle so don’t fear if you think you can’t take home the whole thing.

Last but not least, pictures of your model MUST MUST MUST be submitted to us by 11:59 PM on New Years Eve Dec 31 2011. So don’t wait till the last minute, judging will take place the following week in true Spikey Bits form and the winners will be┬áannounced┬áshortly thereafter

Each submission must be at least two pictures, one of the miniature being worked on (WIP) and one of it finished. You can email them to me at: RBAER ZERO ZERO ZERO TWO AT GMAIL DOT COM.

If you have any question feel free to email us! Hope to see some cool stuff and good luck to everyone who chooses to participate in this little holiday event! -MBG

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