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40K HOBBY: Aventine’s World Eaters Pt. I

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Nov 26 2011

Aventine here, with some shots of my newest army project. Some people may ask, why Chaos? Why now?

Well my only answer is that I’ll be ahead of the curve when Legions comes out, and in the mean time they’ll be Space Wolves (boo!hiss!), haha. A World Eater Khorne Berserker army was my first in 40K, way back in 1998, and while they looked terrible (Blood Red and Boltgun Metal over a thick white spray), they left a soft spot for the Blood God that I’ve held on to. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that there are units of Juggernaut riders in the new book.

Placement in the 40K universe as a whole is always important to me as I make my army, to give it a point of reference for continuity. So with my force of World Eaters I have chosen an only once mentioned character/army, one of the World Eaters companies that fought in the First War for Armageddon, the Skull Takers of Hans Kho’ren.

Chaos Lord Hans Kho’ren,
Slaughtermaster of Khorne

So this model is my Thunderwolf Lord, who I have mounted on an Ogre Kingdoms Stonehorn. I think the bit of freehand arrows and stuff set him off. Below is my World Eater Sorcerer dedicated to Nurgle, he has a little story.

Jarl the Gutsman, Blood Sorcerer of Nurgle,
Pledged to the World Eater Lord Hans Kho’ren

While it is true that almost every single Brother of the World Eaters Legion pledged himself to Khorne during the Heresy, their are exceptions to every rule. Exceptions such as the Gutsman. Like all World Eaters, even before the Heresy, Jarl was enthralled with killing in the most savage ways. But it was truly mortality that interested the young Brother the most. And as he studied he came upon Nurgle, who whispered in his ear. And so when the World Eaters fell upon Holy Terra, Nurgle bestowed his gifts upon Brother Jarl, showing him his enemies death in their blood. From then on he was not just Jarl, he was the Gutsman. Though no longer fully trusted by his Legion brothers, Jarl proved useful as an ally.
On Skalathrax, as the Legion scattered, the
Gutsman joined forces with a Captain named Hans Kho’ren. Ever since then they have marched against the Imperium together. During the First War for Armageddon, while most of the hoard marched through the jungles toward Armageddon Secundus, Jarl stayed on Prime, in Hive Death Mire. While at Death Mire the Gutsman sacrificed the blood of thousands in practicing his dark arts, and forged the daemon weapon Patroclus.

The Gutsman carries the Daemonic stave Patroclus.

Here are some of my basic troops, they have been put together from a large number of different kits including Berserkers, Possessed, Sanguinary Guard, Servitors, Chaos Knights and Beastmen.

Like most of the models in this army so far, these guy were made exclusively out of my bitz box.

My World Eaters objective marker. Made it using a standard
from the Ogre Kingdoms Stonehorn kit with a bit of plasticard.


Here are a couple of my Juggernaut riding Champions, going to make more of them soon:

Warden of the Brass Keep, Sixth Headsman of the Skull Takers,
The Red Ruin

Luthor Brax is one of the many Lesser Champions who heeds the call of the Skull Takers. Almost all of the Skull Takers are original World Eaters veterans, though Luthor Brax is an exception, he was one a Brother of the Marines Exemplar. Though he is much younger than any of the other Champions, his favor with Khorne is strong, as is shown by his fearsome, brass mount.

Brax is said to have battled his way to the heart of Khorne’s realm deep in the Warp, in search of the Blood God’s favor. Luthor Brax does not represent the butchery and savagery so many of Khorne’s followers have embraced. He is a paragon of martial prowess and battlefield honor, awesome and terrifying for his foes to behold.

Slayer of Charaxes, Fifth Headsman of the Skull Takers,
The Skull Rider

Aego the Bull is one of the many powerful Chosen who accompany the Skull Takers of Hans Kho’ren; a small but powerful World Eaters warband championed by a powerful Lord, their namesake. Aego rides a powerful and fierce Juggernaut of Khorne, clad in brass.

He is called the Bull because of his impressive set of horns, a gift from Khorne after he slew the leader of a rival warband, a Lord named Charaxes. Aego is one of the original World Eaters, a veteran of the Terran Unification Wars, and he was part of the Assault on Terra. Since the Heresy, Aego has taken one hundred thousand skulls for Khorne.

~So I’m definitely going to have more of these coming down the pipe as I work on the army. I’ll be working on six more Juggernaut riders relatively soon, and I really want to add a Dreadnought soon. Plus more Troops are always needed too… doesn’t ever end!

Author: Kris Lon
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