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Hordes: Celestial Fulcrum Unboxing

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Dec 19 2011

It might not be in stores for a few more days, but BoLS has the scoop on the very first of the Hordes Battle Engines.

Moving the foam aside we find the components nestled within. That’s a simply massive hunk of resin to nestle in the base.

And here’s a better look at the resin pieces. This kit showcases some of the cooler aspects of resin minis. In addition to size, you can also cast a nice round orb like this as a single piece.

And here’s a close-up of the crazy detail etched into every part of this thing.

Like the previous kits the crew(?) and certain other components are cast in metal. The large piece is the base of the construct, presumably cast in metal to give it a sturdier foundation. I’m also guessing those support struts for the smaller orbs are metal to help keep them from breaking.

Finally, here’s a close-up of one of the druids so you can get a better look at him.

~So… definitely a cool model. But the rules for it have been spoiled for awhile. Have any of you Circle players been proxying one? If so have they been working for you? Anyone have any favorite Fulcrum tactics to share?

Ben Williams
  • Privateer Press: Weekly Roundup 11-13-2011