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NEWS: Dystopian Wars Gets a Facelift

Dec 23 2011

Spartan Games pulled the covers off a big rules update for Dystopian Wars, just before the holidays.

Long story short – a new version of the Dystopian Wars Master Rulebook is headed your way next year, and Spartan Games just put up all the rules updates on their blog for immediate download and use.  Here’s the major points to hit on.

Deployment Rules
There are now a full set of rules for setting up games, with all the usual things such as deployment zones, terrain placement, game length and victory conditions.  Games feel a lot more formalized now, instead of being a set of rules for you to do whatever with.

General Rules Tweaks
-New Obscurement rules
-Completely rewritten boarding rules
-Streamlined and clarified Squadron and Tiny Flyer rules
-Updated Command and issuing Order rules
-Updated critical hit table

New Nation Special Rules
Most of the nations now have additional special rules to give them even further differentiation and unique abilities.  Several units have had their stat cards updated, with a blend of nerfing and upgrades.


 ~So head on over and download the rules updates.  Dystopian Wars is a whole new game!  Expect more Dystopian goodness soon.  Our water table is done and we are painting islands as fast as we can.

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