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40K: Epic Gaming Moments

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Jan 26 2012

So let’s talk a bit about awesome gaming moments… It’s those times when crazy things happen and turn games around with one roll of the dice. I love these epic moments and they always seem to tell an incredible story…

Legends are born overnight. Last night I had a game with my Tyranids versus Grey Knights… You know the drill—I couldn’t pass a psychic check to save my life. Those bloody Grey Knights were absolutely shutting down the Hive Mind with their psychic hood and reinforced Aegis. My Genestealers continued to whiff against an immobilized Dreadnought for over five rounds of combat. My Prime and his black Hormies refuses to come in from reserves. It’s like what is going on here guys ?? This is our most hated enemy. It’s so exasperating when your dice are ice cold and your opponent’s are smoking hot…. It’s like I said, you all know the drill.

Suddenly something happens—it’s like I hear a sharp little click inside my mind and suddenly the Wyrm turns. I get a little crazy and my winged Hive Tyrant flies up on top of a building cackling like a mad rooster in the hen house and blazes down a Strike squad with his devourers. The Grey Knights want his blood in return training every gun on the big brute but the Tyrant passes each and every save. The boss then goes air to air landing on top of another building and consumes another Strike squad… He was simply unstoppable and it was late in the game. That was the best part of the game for me and reminded me of playing my Blood Angels DoA (Descent of Angels) army… I think my Tyrant spent most of the game above the tabletop hopping from the top of one building to another… It was awesome !!

Finally the Hive Mind has cracked the proverbial ice and drinks deep from the cold warp. The Broodlord finally rips the immobilized Dreadnought in half with one mighty blow… Then a sizable brood of Ymgarl Genestealers awaken suddenly and converge towards the Paladins… And then the seemingly impossible happens—the Grey Knight Librarian first takes a wound traversing through dangerous terrain in an attempt to reach my Tyrant and then his head explodes like a ripe pumpkin suffering massive psychic death trauma to Perils of the Warp while attempting to cast Warp Rift… Hurrr hurr !! My Tyrant cackles with evil glee then swoops down to tear into the other psyfleman Dreadnought. The gate had suddenly fallen opened and the hungry wolf sees the little lambs huddling inside the fold… They are not so big and bad without Big Brother so it’s time to really start shred. The Ymgarl Genestealers converge upon the Paladins who no longer have their precious Sanctuary and proceed to rend them into little bits and pieces. It is a feeding frenzy—the denizens of the warp have fought back… Hey Grey Knights you just got something big and smelly handed to you. Heh !!

The game is really a fantasy that plays out inside your head over the course of each turn… It’s all about those epic battles on a war torn battlefield in the far flung future. Who sez the good guys always win?

You can’t win them all but our epic gaming moments are priceless. Me being primarily a competitive tournament gamer I know it’s not possible to win every game but I still can have a good time by focusing on an awesome gaming moment when they happen like the one I described above. We have to take the good with the bad. Obviously we want more of the good but on the other hand a little good can go a long way when there are a lot of bad things constantly happening. But then again if you’re doing it right it’s all good. Right ? Yes indeed !!

So what are your favorite “epic moments” that turned hope into despair, or pulled a sizzling victory from the jaws of defeat?  I know you all have some great ones.  🙂

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