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40K RUMORS Tau Upgrades – Part 2

Jan 2 2012

Following up on the first patch of these, lets take a look at the latest word on our favorite Blue Socialists…

-Battlesuit Commander: shifts ONE battlesuit unit to a Troops FOC slot.
-New Close Combat Battlesuit
-New Ethereal named character
-Ethereals will get upgraded to be the “leader” role in the Tau Empire army. (so not the best BS, or WS, but other interesting army-support tricks)
-New deepstriking Dropship (an Orca-ish platform on par with the IG valkyrie)
-Up-gunned Drone variants (specific anti-tank and anti-heavy infantry options) which can be attached to almost every TAU unit in the codex

~Hmm. Off to start expanding my Tau Empire army now before the bum rush in a few months…

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