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40K RUMORS: The Humble Tactical Marine

Jan 8 2012

There is skuttlebutt about, regarding the humble Tactical Marine…

Now according to the latest fluff, the Tactical Marine is the final step in an Astartes’ position within the Chapter before ascending into the hallowed ranks of the 1st Company.  Fully matured and seasoned warriors that have seen it all. We saw the further glorification of the Tactical Marine in THQ’s Space Marine.  So how to make them stand up to that lofty reputation on the tabletop?  Here’s what we’re heard out there in the whispering winds for 6th Edition…

-Kraken Bolts
-New Special Weapon that ignores cover

~Hmm, standard caveats apply, but that’s not a bad start, giving them a nice dedicated anti infantry shooting role compared to their hand to hand and anti tank brethren in the Assault and Devastator squads.  What say you? 

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