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BOLS Academy #5 – What’s a Wreck?

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Jan 3 2012

Caldera here bringing you another installment of the BOLS academy videos. Everyone loves to a good blown up vehicle, but many of us are shaky on what happens next…

I apologize for the absence of the videos but with all the holidays, production came to a halt!  We are back in full swing though and have more videos in store for those who enjoy them.

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So this one is about what happens to the occupants of a wrecked vehicle and from an exploded one.  It’s a relatively easy one but some people still get it wrong.  Bigred and the rest of us at BOLS have noticed players getting things like this wrong on a national level, so we thought to put a video up about it.

~So enjoy and let us know if you liked it and any topics you guys would like to see in the future.


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