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Draigowing vs. Imperial Guard – 2k Batrep

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Jan 12 2012

I’m still waiting on my Tyranids to be painted and still working on my Necrons so this weekend again I decided to break out my Grey Knights for another pickup game. I used the exact same list as last weekend:

Lord Draigo
Librarian – master crafted warding stave, 2x servo skull, Might of Titans, Sanctuary,shrouding, Warp Rift

10x Paladin: fully complex w. 4x psycannon
10x GKT w. 2x psycannon


Sorry I don’t have an exact list for the IG army. Off the top of my head it included the following units:

Colonel Straken w. command squad – chimera
Primaris Psyker (attached to melta vets)

10x melta vets – chimera
Platoon blob w. Commissar: 3x lascannon, plasmaguns, sergeants w. power swords
3x autocannon HWS
5x guardsmen w. 3x grenade launcher (ride in Vendetta)




Leman Russ Demolisher squadron (lascannons)

Leman Russ


10x Battle Psyker Squad

The mission was Capture and Control with Dawn of War for deployment. I won the roll and opted to go second. I rolled for the Grand Strategy and made both psyflemen scoring. My opponent deployed his blob on a covered hill sitting on his objective marker. All the rest of his army would come in from reserve on the first turn. I placed my objective marker back in a corner of my deployment zone with some decent cover deploying the Librarian attached to the Paladins off beside my objective in hard cover. Both psyflemen would walk on the first turn with Lord Draigo and the GKT opting to teleport.

Pre Game Analysis
I don’t have a good track record versus IG in 5th edition to be honest—luckily the mission is not Seize Ground with five objective markers. I opted for a very simple strategy—Lord Draigo and the GKT will go for my opponent’s objective marker while the rest of my army will defend my objective marker. I am counting on Lord Draigo to survive one round of shooting following deep strike then converge on the blob and slowly NOM NOM NOM them to death. Draigo is a beast and can suck up some pain then dish it right back. The rest of my army has solid cover and can shred AV12. The Librarian as usual is key to securing victory and must come through in the clutch casting his psychic powers.

Turn 1 – Imperial Guard
Everything not on the table comes on with a good contingent of the army moving into position to support their blob. The Vendetta comes on the far table edge safely tucked away while Straken and his posse roll on in their Chimera behind the blob. PSB walks on behind the blob as well. The Colossus also comes in on the far side of the table. The Demolisher squadron and Devildog come in along the opposite side of Paladins and will be out of range this turn. A Chimera full of melta vets pulls up behind the Devildog for some hard cover. The IG doesn’t spot my Paladins and that’s it.


Turn 1 – Draigowing
My psyflemen walk on hiding behind cover. The Paladins move up closer to the blob (remaining in cover obviously), target the Devildog and whiff.

Turn 2 – Imperial Guard
Demolishers, Devildog and the PSB move up in range of my Paladins and cut loose with a deadly salvo. My Librarian botches his psychic test for Shrouding and then the bombs drop. One pie plate hits while the other scatters off. I fail my first four cover saves—SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. I then lose another Paladin to a stray lascannon and the PSB successfully cast Weaken Resolve beating the reinforced Aegis on a psyfleman. Luckily the small blast from the Devildog scatters wide. I’m thinking this game is probably already over now but decide to stick it out and see how everything plays out. The Paladins fail their morale check and fall back missing the board edge by a couple inches… That would have pretty much been the end of the game otherwise.

Turn 2 – Draigowing
Lord Draigo and his GKT teleport onto the battlefield scattering 10″ straight towards the blob but don’t mishap. The Paladins auto rally and move back up into cover with both psyflemen side by side for protection. Lord Draigo and the GKT target the blob but only manage to drop six due to some fiery hot cover saves. Paladins target the Devildog and rip off its turret. The Psyflemen target a Chimera full of melta vets riding inside, parked behind the Devildog but only manage to shake it.

Turn 3 – Imperial Guard
As much of the IG army that can target Lord Draigo and his GKT take aim and lay massive waste to the Grey Knights. When all the smoke clears all that is left standing is Draigo and two Terminators (made a ridiculous amount of cover saves this turn). The PSB then successfully cast Weaken Resolve targeting Lord Draigo and his remaining terminators—they fall back 6″ but luckily there’s nothing close by to prevent them from auto rallying the next turn… the IG should have parked the Vendetta right beside them. I was actually hoping that all the GKT would die so that Lord Draigo would revert back to being Fearless so it worked out okay this turn after all.

Turn 3 – Draigowing
Lord Draigo auto rallies and moves up in position to finally charge the blob. The Paladins and one psyfleman take aim on the Devildog—destroying the last of its weapons and immobilize it. The other psyfleman manages to stun the Chimera full of melta vets. Lord Draigo then assaults the blob—NOM NOM NOM… He kills four guardsmen and takes no wounds in return. The Blob then pass their morale check and pile in around Draigo.

Turn 4 – Imperial Guard
Straken and his command squad pull up in their Chimera beside the battle between Lord Draigo and the blob. The Vendetta moves into position to fire upon one of my psyflemen. Demolishers move up to drop more pie plates of death on the Paladins and psyflemen. The Vendetta explodes one of the psyflemen but the Paladins and remaining psyfleman stand tall. Lord Draigo continues to NOM NOM NOM the blob and they pass their morale check.

Turn 4 – Draigowing
This will be a critical turn as we are playing random game length. I’m holding my objective marker with the remaining psyfleman and Lord Draigo is contesting the other. I need to stop the melta vets from moving into position to contest my objective and shoot down the Vendetta since its carrying another scoring unit. Lord Draigo is doing just fine and is whittling down the blob slowly but surely.

My Librarian successfully casts Warp Rift popping both the Devildog and the Chimera full of melta vets. The vets pop out the rearside of the burning wreck and pass their leadership tests – they are vets indeed! The Paladins and psyflemen both whiff on the Vendetta. Draigo continues to NOM NOM NOM the blob reducing them to just a handful of doomed Guardsmen.

Turn 5 – Imperial Guard
Straken and his command squad decide to remain inside their Chimera and play it safe while the Vendetta moves flat out towards my objective but is still well outside of 3″ from my objective marker. The wrecks from the Devildog and Chimera is shielding the Paladins from the Demolishers and PSB. The melta vets move forward to target the psyfleman but are just outside of half range. Again my Librarian botches his psychic test while attempting to cast the Shrouding and takes a wound from Perils of the Warp… Its a Really bad day at the office for him. Luckily the melta vets whiff on the psyflemen then Lord Draigo finishes off the last of the blob and walks onto the enemy objective marker – LIKE A BOSS!


Turn 5 – Grey Knights
The Librarian splits off from the Paladins to assault the melta vets. The Paladins target the Vendetta inflicting three penetrating hits but it passes all three cover saves. The psyfleman then shoots down the Vendetta and one Guardsman dies in the ensuing explosion. The Librarian then botches his psychic test for Hammerhand and dies from Perils of the Warp failing his first 2++ save… Wow !!!

We roll for the sixth turn and up pops a 2… I’m holding my objective counter and contesting the enemy objective marker… So I end up with a close win. Note that the melta vets were less than an inch away from contesting my objective marker. I think that if the Librarian had charged the melta vets and not broke them the pile in move would have moved them inside room to contest… Pretty crazy.

Post Game Analysis
Well it was pretty dumb to have cast Hammerhand for the Librarian even with a 2++ save… Just really wasn’t necessary but still worked out for the win. I think my opponent should have been more aggressive with Straken and his Vendetta. Straken ended up not contributing to the battle and might have been able to finish off Draigo in melee. The opening four failed cover saves plus botching Shrouding with my Librarian during the second turn took me right back to the second half of my previous game versus Space Marines last weekend. Luckily fate decided to be kind a bit after the initial run of bad luck and I was able to make a game out of it sticking to the plan. IG does not really have an answer to Lord Draigo in melee and once he got stuck in combat he did what he does best for the rest of the game.

BBF Out!

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