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Warmachine: Unboxing the Legion Battle Engine

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Jan 23 2012

A monster of a battle engine showed up on our doorstep- the Throne of Everblight, the Legion’s new battle engine.  Let’s take a look!

The model is about 80% resin.  The tentacles, main body, and throne are all resin pieces, making them simple to assemble with just your standard superglue.  Some of the teeth and spikes are metal, and I would recommend attaching the teeth before the tentacles.  They’re fiddly, and it can be tough to get your fingers in there once the rest of the model is complete.  I ended up having to use tweezers to hold them in place while the glue set.

The detail is very crisp.  You can clearly make out veins and different sections on the body, as well as inlay on the throne.

You will have to do a tiny bit of mold line cleanup, but far less than you’d think. One of the biggest issues with this model will be storage and transport.  Fortunately, the throne can be left separate from the rest of the body.  A couple pins, or in my case, a pin and some magnets, means I can disassemble the model for transport and then attach it come game time.

So just how big is this thing?  Below, you’ll see a picture of the cleaned and assembled Throne of Everblight next to Thagrosh the Messiah.  For those who aren’t familiar, Thagrosh is on a 50mm base, and is roughly 3.5″ tall.  The Throne….is bigger.

It’s a big piece of resiny-goodness from Privateer Press, and it’s hitting shelves this month!

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