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WFB NEWS: Vampire Counts Advanced Orders Up

Jan 7 2012

Vampire Counts are rising from the grave (sorry, couldn’t resist).  Check out the Games Workshop advanced order page here.

Key products in the launch window are:

Vampire Counts Army Book $41.25
Coven Throne/Mortis Engine $57.75
Black Knights/Hexwraiths $29.75
Vargheists/Crypt Horrors $47.00
Wight King $13.25
Isabella von Carstein $15.25
Krell, Lord of Undeath $18.25
VC Battlemagic Cards $4.95

All this stuff ships out January 14th.

~You can check out all the VERY pretty pics and commentary in the Lounge here,  and the Rumor Roundup here. So, who’s up for some Fantasy now?

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