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Warmachine: The New Legion Plastic Heavy Warbeast

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Feb 23 2012

The Legion of Everblight plastic heavy warbeast kit is on store shelves!  We’ve got a look at what you can expect from it, and from the Proteus upgrade pack.

The first of the Hordes plastic warbeast kits have been released.  Just like with their Warmachine counterparts, there are parts for three different models in every box, giving you lots of extra bits, or a convenient avenue to magnetize your head and weapon options to have options from game to game.

The box contents

The contents are about what you’d expect.  One card for each of the warbeasts inside: a Carnivean, Scythean, or Ravagore.  Parts are divided up into two baggies.

Opened up for your viewing pleasure

I was apprehensive about how Privateer would handle the Legion kit.  For those who may not have noticed, each of the three warbeasts has slightly different spikes on their shoulders.  Otherwise, the top half of the arms on each beast are nearly identical.  For the metal models, those spikes were separate pieces, needing pinning and greenstuff to make a solid, durable fit.  I was nervous that the plastic kit would keep the spikes separate..  Instead, the designers came up with a better option, and gave one full set of arms for each option, with the spikes already attached.  Awesome.

In the photo above, you can see the parts divided out into separate areas for each beast.  Carnivean on the top left, Scythean bottom left, Ravagore bottom right, and the generic torso and legs top right.  You’ve got the arms and head for each warbeast, with the additional flame bit for the Ravagore.  When you open a new box, the torso and legs are actually separate pieces, but I went ahead and dry fit them together in this photo just to see how well they went together.

One surprising bit about this kit is the addition of two different tail options.  You can either magnetize them, or simply pick the one you like best.  Unlike weapons, I’m pretty sure no one will have a problem if you use the “wrong” tail.

As for myself, I already own 2 of each of the heavy warbeasts, and don’t see an immediate need to have more, so I built mine as a different option: Proteus.

Contents of the Proteus upgrade kit

The Proteus upgrade kit is a separate upgrade blister, just like we’ve seen for the Warmachine character Warjacks.  The pieces are metal, which does necessitate some pinning, but the connection points for the two tentacles and spikes are socketed, so you shouldn’t need any greenstuff.  Based upon the concept art and picture of the painted model on PP’s website, I went with the Ravagore arms.

Assembled and greenstuffed

The one issue I noticed is that even with plastic, there are still some distinct join lines where some parts meet.  I used some of GW’s Liquid Greenstuff to smooth it all out.  Otherwise, the plastic kit looks and sizes up nicely compared to the older metal models.

Plastic on left, metal on right

It’s a good kit, with good detail, and I’m looking forward to the next wave of plastics.

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