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40K BATTLE REPORT: Jwolf’s IG vs Ulth’s Tau!

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Apr 4 2012
Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battle reports continue – This week we bring you Ulth, aka Mr. Paul Murphy who was visiting Austin TX this past week. He stopped by the store to get in a game versus Jwolf and his Tallarn IG. Now Paul is a top-shelf player who unfortunately had no army on hand, but loves a good challenge – so we stuck him with a Tau Empire army… It’s gonna be good.

~Comments are welcome guys!  You can expect many more battle reports and videos featuring all aspects of the hobby from your favorite writers, and more. Get on in there and let us know what you liked, wanted to see me improve, and of course Monday-morning quarterbacking is always great fun after a battle report.

Author: Larry Vela
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