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EXCLUSIVE: Mantic Enforcer-Captain

Jul 25 2012

Ohh, looks like those Corporation forces may be getting some heavy backup.  Check out this guy.

Manticgames just sent over their latest sculpt along with this bit of background fluff:

The officers of the Enforcers lead from the front. Taking to the field of battle in armour that is heavier than that of their men, they are able to shrug off a laser cannon shot, and their guns are powerful despite their compact nature. Enforcer Captains are generally observed operating on their own, without support staff, although it is certain that their superior wargear provides them with up-to-the-minute tactical information and communications gear.

~ I can think a great many uses for that model. I’m already looking forward to the inevitable release of a full Warpath hardcover once Mantic fills out their range a little more.  Have at it gang.

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