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Outside the Box: at GenCon! Part-2

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Aug 19 2012
Hello everybody, 6th edition, ladi-da! Here comes the real deal, all the new goodness straight from GenCon. Spartan Games Dystopian Legion, Soda Pop Miniatures Relic Knights, brand new Dust Tactics miniatures, Infinity previews and Mantic Games Dreadball! Come in, have a look.

Here we go, slightly different format than usual. I just dump a couple of pics here, be aware that there is heaps more over at the Fix! 
Oh, and sorry for the quality of some of the pics, it all happens on the run at GenCon ­čÖé

New plastic is great, lots of optional parts and slightly more flexible than GW.

That’s a pic of the Mr Graves sprue I got.

Way outside the box is there new cardgame in which you use a time machine to abduct evil historical personalities liek Hitler or Nero as babies and put them in special orphanage where they can be raised to be proper citizens.

 Sounds crazy, and yes, it is ­čÖé 

Spartan Game is actually not here at GenCon, rumors have it that they decided to put the money into Dystopian Legions to have the miniatures ready in time for the show. The Warstore has som of them on display, and holy ****, they are awesome:

This baby is easily as large as a Land Raider!

 EoBS infantry

Prussian APC and Tankette.
No infos about release date or pricing, but everything will be resin, so expect Forgeworld prices.

 –> More Spartan Games News

Mantic Games

Out of left field comes Dreadball, a new SciFi sport game. It will feature all races from Warpath, starter will have Humans and Orcs with Veer-Myn and Forgefather teams available right away.
 Ronnie showed me some of the miniatures but didn’t allow me to take pictures. Quality is high (as you would expect) and tehy will be single piece or snap-fit, but with individual poses. There are more infos in teh article on teh Fix.
A Kickstarter for Dreadball will go live in about a week.
–> More Mantic Games News

Many unreleased miniatures on display, including Allies French Foreign Legion and new SSU tanks and walkers:


The upcoming releases are displayed, including the new Tohaa aliens. Another campaign book might come out before christmas!

–> More Infinity News

And last but not least, Soda Pop Miniatures showed the model for Kasaro-to for Relic Knights:

–> More Soda Pop Miniatures News

That’s it, again, there are more pictures over at
Tabletop Fix
 Now I’ll buy a copy of Bolt Action.

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