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Review: Kromlech Orc Commissar, Tank Driver/Crew

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Oct 10 2012

 Kromlech recently released a range of orc figures to represent pilots, tank crews and even a commissar.

1 toof -Far below average This product turned out to be a piece of junk. (rare)
2 teef – below average but not terrible. This product was a slight let down. (below average)
3 teef – Good, average, this product meets my expectations (average)
4 teef – superior to most of the products out there in either price, quality, etc this product goes above my expectations. (above average)
5 teef – Extremely high value or quality. This product blows me away. (rare)
Disclaimer:  I play 40k; I’ve played 40k since the 80’s.  When I look at a model I look at it from the perspective of how can I use this in 40k?  That’s not to say the model can’t be used in alternative ways it’s just my perspective.

                                                                                             ork Tank Driver
Quality:  The figures are very well done, Great details, very little flashing or mold lines.  They are also very characterful.  I love the stance of the commissar, stern and forboding.
4 Teef

Value:  These figures are great for adding a little variety to your WAAAGH!  They are well priced at about $8 for the full figures and $9 for the 3 crew.
3 Teef
Look/Feel:  These figures aren’t going to blend in with the rest of the army.  Which I think is a good thing in this case.  You want the commissar to stand out, as well as the tank crew.  These are meant to be accent pieces and should not just disappear in the green wave of orks.
4 Teef

 I picked up 2 commissars which I plan to use as grot slavers.  What could be better than the ork commissar shooting D3 grots to encourage them on to new heights of bravery?   The crew shall find their way into my battle wagons to man the guns and add some additional character to the already impressive model.
Questions, Comments? What do you think?

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