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40K Rumors – Dark Angels and Tau Latest

Nov 27 2012

Latest on the Dark Angels models – straight ahead. Time to put on our detective coats…  Also a Tau blast from the past. 

First up Dark Angels

via Stickmonkey

Expected Dark Angels Launch miniatures:

Deathwing Box
Ravenwing Box
Dark Angels Powered Armor Box
Mystery Large Vehicle

3 New Characters:

…existing characters moved to finecast.

Dark Angels recieve a Full codex – not a White Dwarf update.

Tau Bonus Rumor

via 75Hastings69


Anybody who might be interested in what tau models (or at least one of them) you can really expect next year might want to type “Fil Dunn tau” into a google image search

So let’s take a look at these. On the Dark Angels rumorfront, this is expected news, with the only thing is that large mystery kit.  There have been three medium-large new units described in the full Rumor Roundup:
-“Ravenclaw” attack flyer
– New “Siegecannon” weapon for Techmarines
– New Predator

Hmm, that’s a tough nut to crack right there…

On the Tau front, there has been talk for over 6 months now from various sources of a Tau “supersuit” said to be Dreadknight sized and mounting dual railguns and a missile rack of some type.   For me the more important thing is further chatter of Tau for next year.  So we know Dark Angels are next, but past them is either Tau, or Eldar.

~Have at it.  

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