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New Dark Angels Pics! Jan 2013 White Dwarf Review

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Jan 07

I just got done reading the eagerly anticipated January White Dwarf that features the new Dark Angels models

I have to admit there was a lot of hate for them when they were leaked a few weeks ago, but after seeing them in print I don’t think they look that bad after all IMHO.

This month’s White Dwarf featured most of the normal articles, from Kit Bash to Paint Splatter,  and enclosed with the magazine was a Hobbit Miniatures Game poster showing off all of the new miniatures for that line as well.

Overall this issue was about 149 pages, but as I counted them up I noticed that a full 1/3 of this magazine was devoted to new products and their reviews.

The highlight of the issue for me was a very fun and fluffy Battle Report that pitted the Dark Angels versus Chaos Space Marines in a classic “Hunt for the Fallen” mission.

The miniatures and terrain was of course exemplary and I really dug the warp lighting effects painted on to the tabletop.  The use of the Wall of Martyrs lines I felt added a a lot of realism to the table as well.

The Paint Splatter and Kit Bash articles were some other bright spots in the magazine, as they actually showed how to paint on that Deathwing Bone color I’ve always been itching to try.  I think a big key to painting Deathwing is to not use too much red and green, less you want them to become the Christmas Terminators, lol.

Kit Bash featured some great looking terrain pieces from Chaos to Orks that were inspired by a particular piece of background fluff.  One such piece used the skeleton of a Stompa to make a Mek workshop!

Parade Ground this month was so big this month it was split up over the next issue. It features top Golden Demon winners from around the globe, and as usual there was a ton of amazing looking stuff in there.

Rules wise there wasn’t much leaked except a few pieces of Deathwing Knight rules scattered about the magazine, but there has been a ton of rumors about the codex over the last few weeks. Overall I think it was a great issue to pickup in either the traditional form, or on iBooks.

What do you like most about the new WD format?


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